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We offer affordable, reliable electrical work and installation with the expertise you need to set your residential or commercial property apart. We offer the latest electrical fit-outs and repairs. Whether you’re upgrading lighting to LED’s, replacing or repairing switchboards, adding new lighting solutions to old spaces or installing electric vehicle chargers, we can get the job done.

Compliance-driven and experienced, we guarantee every project on completion for your peace of mind. Contact us for great quality electrical work in Omaha, Matakana, Warkworth, Snells Beach, Algies Bay ,Wellsford and surrounding areas.

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Your local Warkworth electrician. We can do the big jobs or the small ones the others don’t have time for

Commercial, domestic and industrial fit-outs, new homes, rewiring and repairs in Omaha, Matakana, Warkworth, Snells Beach, Algies Bay, Wellsford, Martin Bay and surrounding areas. You name it, we can get it sorted quickly for an affordable price.


From alterations and maintenance to finishing incomplete DIY projects. We can help get you sorted.


We can keep your business running smoothly and get on top of any electrical issues before they become a real problem.


Installation and maintenance to keep everything going smoothly. Lighting, wiring, security, and all other electrical needs.

New Builds

Complete fit-outs for new builds and extensions. We’re with you from design to implementation.

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Residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work

An electrician is an electrician, right? Not exactly. There are residential electricians, commercial and industrial electricians. Their wiring work will be very different in terms of equipment used, load demands, and energy needs. They also follow different procedures and use dissimilar materials. Luckily for you, we do it all!  Whether you’re wanting something in your home, at your store or office, or factory to be repaired, upgraded, or something new put in, we can happily work on all sorts of sites to create safe and professional electrical work for you.

Residential Electricians

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of residential and domestic electrical services. From home automation to complete house rewiring.

Commercial Electricians

Our team of commercial electricians provide a comprehensive range of services for your business.

Industrial Electricians

We have the skills and experience to tackle industrial electrical projects on any scale.

Lighting and LED upgrades


The electric light bulb has been called the most important invention since man-made fire. The light bulb helped to establish social order after sundown, extended the workday well into the night, and allowed us to navigate and travel safely in the dark. If you’re finding the same lights keep blowing, it may not be a problem with the lighting. It could be the connections are old, the transformers are no longer working or the wiring is faulty. We can take a look and let you know what’s going on and what needs to be done to sort it out. We can help with a wide range of lighting solutions, from initial planning and design, to supply and install. 

LED Upgrades

Compared to fluorescent light, LED lights can operate 4 to 5 times longer and 25 to 50 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. Ultimately, its durability and cost-efficiency makes it worth upgrading. Reduce your electricity bills and make your home more energy efficient with LED lighting.

Switchboard upgrades, replacement and repairs

The role of a switchboard is to allow the division of the current supplied to the switchboard into smaller currents for further distribution and to provide switching, current protection and (possibly) metering for those various currents.

Ensure a feeling of contentment and ease in knowing your switchboard has been checked by a licensed electrician and has a modern protected switchboard to help keep you safe. 

If you’re undertaking a renovation project, it may be an ideal time to upgrade your power switchboard to a safer and easier to use modern option. We can provide a detailed cost for upgrading your switchboard and in the process, check all the wiring in your home is safe and reliable.

Re-wiring old homes and new build fitouts

Re-wiring old homes

It’s no secret that old homes may need a little bit of work before they become suited for living in. One of the most crucial things you must check is the condition of the wires. Outdated and deteriorating wiring can cause all kinds of mishaps, including electrocution or even fires. Re-wires are recommended if you are living in a pre 1960s home as the original vinyl or rubber roof and wall cavity wiring will have deteriorated.

A re-wire replaces all of this cabling with new TPS cabling up to current standards. A house rewire is also an opportunity to add more outlets and switches to modernise your home for the growing needs of your daily life and family, with enhanced electrical safety and convenience. We can easily let you know if you need to get a professional to rewire your home.   

New build fitouts

When planning a new build there are so many decisions that need to be made, it’s easy to see how the electrical wiring can be daunting. 

But how a house is wired, the placement of light switches and plugs, and the future-proofing of energy usage can be some of the most important decisions in the whole process. 

We are here to help you nail the concept of your new build.

Electric water cylinders

If you’re suddenly out of hot water, it may be an electrical issue with your cylinder. We can test the thermostat and heating unit to make sure they’re working and may be able to repair them, saving the cost of a whole cylinder replacement.

Extra power outlets, power sockets, power points and circuits

Regardless of what you call them (power points, sockets or outlets), with a few extra well placed power points around your home you can greatly reduce clutter, safety and improve convenience.

If you are wanting to reduce clutter in your home, we can easily install one or two more power points to remove annoying/dangerous extension cords.

Reduce the risk of having many electrical devices using a multi-plug with double adaptors, by replacing single powerpoints with two or more double power points.

Increase Convenience in a room by installing double power points in the kitchen, or perhaps a double power point either side of the bed. 

Whatever you need, the best thing to do is talk to us.

Stove and oven repair

We can replace burnt out electric hobs and oven elements, or install new units in your kitchen. Let us help improve your cooking experience by making sure the stove and other related appliances you are using are in working order. From stove repairs and oven repairs, you can trust us to deliver.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation

From ovens and cooktops, to dishwashers and extractor fans, there are any number of items to consider in your kitchen electrical plan. We can help you streamline your plan and find a few features to really bring your new kitchen to life.

If you’re planning a new kitchen upgrade, you’ll want to think about the electrical needs carefully. We can help you plan out your electrical needs, including where and how many power points you will need and how to make your lighting practical while not skipping on the wow factor.

Rangehoods and external extraction

Rangehoods are a kitchen standard for extracting steam, fats and cooking odours. Some new rangehoods allow for the motor to be placed outside, allowing for better (more powerful) extraction, while keeping your kitchen extremely quiet. 

Smart kitchen lighting

Smart kitchen lighting solutions are a must for any new kitchen. Great lighting should provide great visibility while you’re working in your kitchen, keeping hobs and benches well lit regardless of where you’re standing. But, they can also provide a low cost finishing touch to a kitchen – especially with the clever use of LED strip lighting.

Stove and oven installation

Ovens and cooktops must be installed and certified by a registered electrician. We will happily install, and test your stove and oven equipment and also issue your Certificate of Compliance and Electrical Safety Certificates in the process.

Power points, USB outlets and wireless chargers.

Knowing how many power points you’ll need and what type is critical in making your new kitchen highly practical. Using USB outlets or wireless chargers hidden beneath benchtops can do away with untidy cables and help your kitchen space to look tidy while still keeping it highly practical. 


No matter what electrical work you need done for your bathroom, we are here to help. From simple power points with inbuilt RCD protection, to wall heaters, even speaker installs, we’ve done it all. We can help you modernise your bathroom with smart and safe electrical solutions. From bathroom standards like extractor fans, and safe power points, to heated towel rails, anti-mist mirrors, under floor heating and night-time lighting solutions, we can help you get a great outcome from your new or upgrading bathroom.

Extractor fans

Getting all the steam from a hot shower or bath out of your bathroom is critical to avoiding mould and damage from too much moisture. We can supply and install a range of extractor fans to suit your bathroom size and style. 

Smart bathroom lighting

Lighting in bathrooms can be really important. Low light options for late night use can be a blessing, as can heat lights in the cold of winter. Talk to us about the lighting options for your new or existing bathroom.

Mist-free mirrors

If you’re sick of your mirror misting up with every shower, perhaps a mist-free mirror is just the thing. We can supply and install a mirror de-mister which we can install before your new mirror is in place. It’s simple to install and prevents you from having to constantly wipe down your mirror before using it.

Heated towels and heated floors

We all love a warm towel freshly from a heated towel rail, and is there a more luxurious feeling than stepping out of the shower onto a heated floor? Underfloor heating in bathrooms is becoming more and more popular. If you’d like to add a little bit of luxury to your bathroom experience, talk to us about the heating options available to you.

Renovation and extension electrical work

No matter what electrical work you need done as part of your renovation, we can help. From simple power points and light fittings, to smart wireless systems and automation of practically your entire home, we’ve got you covered. 

If you have a renovation planned, it’s likely that you’ll need some electrical work taken care of as part of it. We can help you understand what’s required, give you ideas about how to make your money go further or, create a great new feature without blowing your budget.

General electrical maintenance, inspections and safety checks

Electrical maintenance is the upkeep and preservation of equipment and systems that supply electricity to a residential, industrial or commercial building. The main areas of general electrical maintenance commonly include the power outlets and surge protectors, generators and lighting systems. 

We’re here to keep the electrical elements of your home working. That means testing then repairing or replacing items that need it. We’re highly experienced at dealing with all electrical items in a home or business, including hot water cylinders, ovens and hobs, extractor fans and rangehoods and, ventilation systems, as well as testing general wiring for safety and reliability. 

To guarantee the steady, uninterrupted flow of electricity to your building, we will perform electrical maintenance as industry professionals.

Hot tubs, spas and swimming pools

Whether it’s a new or existing Spa Pool, hot tub, or swimming pool we can connect and repair faulty connections for your outdoor entertainment areas. We install electrical connections and power boards for Spa pools and swimming pool pumps

Electric vehicle charger installation

Choosing an electric vehicle is a great way to reduce your travel bill and help the planet at the same time, and the EV charger is an important part of this solution. You can trust us to install your charger safely, professionally and reliably. We will happily come to you and tailor a charger installation that’s right for you and your EV.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Nessa Van

“Amazing !! A tradesman who takes pride in his work! Prompt contact, excellent service and reasonable rates – Errol was most accommodating going out of his way to assist us and giving us practical advise. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” – Nessa

Lisa Pigott

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Amazing !! A tradesman who takes pride in his work! Prompt contact, excellent service and reasonable rates – Errol was most accommodating going out of his way to assist us and giving us practical advise. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” – Lisa

Services: Light fitting installationSocket or switch installation

Colin Marshall

Awesome service. Asked him to look at something for me and it needed about 10 minutes of his time. He did the work and didn’t charge me at all. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Colin


“Excellent service and completion of jobs from Errol. Have had him return to do more electrical work. Very reliable and punctual, and quotes are very reasonably priced. Will be getting him back to do more work in the fututre” – Raewyn


“I cannot recommend Errol at Blue Electrical highly enough. He has done a lot of work for us. He is very reasonably priced, fair and you can always trust his judgement and his opinion on things. You do not come by contractors like Errol every day. 10/10 recommend. ” – Emily

Judy and Will

“Errol is a “salt of the earth” type guy with many good stories to tell, but that’s just extras. He is an excellent electrician, we have used his services many times over the past couple of years, and are very pleased with the standard of work and attention to detail. Highly recommended!!” – Judy and Will


“Errol was punctual, helpful & gave several possible solutions for the work we wanted to have done, pricing was great, adhered to the quote, great quality of workmanship (cleaned up after himself). Professional great guy, highly recommend.” – Paula


“Errol has done a number of jobs at my rental property over the last few years ranging from replacement of light fittings right up to dealing with the septic tank system. Errol is a knowledgable tradesman. I particularly like his great communication which can sometimes be sadly lacking even with qualified tradespeople. Highly recommend Errol.” – Brian


“We’ve used Errol now on 3 or 4 occasions, ranging from fitting lighting, through to electrical repairs and installations. We have always found Errol to be punctual, efficient and very fair priced. His workmanship is always at a high standard and I would highly recommend him to anybody. Five stars. A++” – Rachel


“Just absolutely brilliant
Errol completed many jobs for me over the construction and wiring of a “Girl Cave” and installation of 3 phase in my shed. Errol always happy to help and offered many useful suggestions. Friendly and explained in easy to understand terms what was happening and what needed to be done. If you have an electrical job, Errol would be my go to person. Always left the site clean & tidy”
– Mike


“Errol provided excellent service and follow up. I have an older home that needed re-wiring and it wasn’t an easy job. Errol was friendly and helpful answered all my questions and did the job efficiently so I wasn’t paying for wasted time. I highly recommend Errol and Blue Electrical and have heard the same comment from his other customers.” – Julie

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